Platform for the administration of student projects
Bachelor Theses
Written by an individual third year student, these projects take an holistic approach to developing solutions. They are scientifically theory-based with a literature review and appropriate empirical methodology (e.g. qualitative interviews or quantitative surveys). Topics or issues from a business context are appropriate. Our students in the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Programme have both a general studies as well as a major in one of the following focus programmes:
- Controlling & Accounting
- Finance & Banking
- Real Estate Management
- International Management & Economics (in English)
- Communication & Marketing
- Management & Law
- Public & Nonprofit Management
- Tourism & Mobility
- Value Network & Process Management
Topics in the area of Business & IT can be taken on by students in the Bachelor of Science in Business Information Technology focus programme.
Framework for topics: Developing solutions for a practical problem from business practice which can be embedded in a scientific context and includes conceptual work. Possible topics include: concepts, analysis, market potential, customer needs, strategies, business concepts, business start-ups etc.
Available resources: approx. 360 hours/person
Dates/duration: Topic submission no later than end of August, delivery to the client beginning of July of the following year
Administration Fee: CHF 800.- incl. VAT plus any expenses (in agreement with client)