Platform for the administration of student projects
General conditions
Student projects are conducted at the bachelor level. Depending on the assignment, the supervision by our academic staff is be more or less extensive. Our long-standing experience shows that there is a high satisfaction level among our clients with our projects. Many clients submit topics frequently.
Student projects correspond to set timeframes during the academic year. Generally, topics can be submitted in the summer and the results are usually available by the beginning of the following June / July.
The students and the University realize that practical projects sometimes require a high degree of confidentiality. Clients therefore have the possibility to declare their topics confidential. Documents are then neither visible for third parties internally nor externally.
For the completion of a student project, the University charges only an administrative fee (project dissertations: CHF 500.-; bachelor thesis: CHF 800.-). This fee is charged after the successful completion of the project. If any other expenses are expected, they must be budgeted and agreed upon between the student and the client in the initial project phase.